Eco Sanctuary: Setting New Standards for Sustainable Luxury

The EcoWorld brand is spread across three key economic regions in Malaysia with 20 projects in total that include new townships, integrated commercial developments, luxury high-rise apartments and green business parks. The Group presently has approximately 8,126.4 acres of landbank with a total gross development value of RM87.5 billion.

Through EcoWorld International, the brand has also extended its reach the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Group is helmed by some of the most well-known and respected industry players in the Malaysian property sector. Driven by its vision of Creating Tomorrow & Beyond and powered by an experienced and dynamic team, the EcoWorld brand is set to soar even higher in the years to come.

Eco World Eco Sanctuary
Eco World Eco Sanctuary

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations. This includes consistently delivering unmatched service and product quality to our customers, and taking a proactive approach to managing environment, health and safety practices.

We manage Quality, Environment, Health and Safety effectively by establishing, implementing and maintaining the best practice and process oriented integrated management system.

Duduk — Live life to the fullest

Duduk is a new brand by EcoWorld which offers a fresh perspective on the concept of vertical living. Created with the younger generation of urban dwellers in mind, Duduk is about easy entry homeownership and modern high-rise living with no compromises.
So, dah duduk ke?

About EcoWorld

Welcome to ECO SANCTUARY Only a short drive from Kuala Lumpur, Eco Sanctuary promises a quick and easy escape. This gated and guarded eco-themed haven offers a rejuvenating environment that is at once modern yet close to nature at its finest. Extensive lifestyle amenities complement visionary conservation practices and green architecture to make green living a blissfully rewarding experience.

EcoWorld 10 Home Buyers Guide

Welcome to the EcoWorld Home Buyer Guide! If you’re interested in owning an EcoWorld property of your own, this walk-through will help ease your journey by guiding you every step of the way.

  1. Choose your location and choose resential or commercial property
  2. Contact Our Sales Gallery : We advise getting in touch with your preferred location’s sales gallery for more information about your property. Click on the link below for the full list of our sales galleries and their respective contact details. OR Register With Us : Register your interest on our website and you will be sent updates and details to help you obtain your desired property.
  3. Select A Unit : Upon registration, you will be invited to the EcoWorld Gallery for a comprehensive tour around our township. Our team will be close by to help with any enquiries you may have when choosing your dream property.
  4. Loan Enquiries : Prior to signing your letter of offer, you may now check your home loan eligibility and affordability by contacting our Panel Banker list. We also have a loan calculator provided below for your convenience.
  5. Pay Booking Fees & Sign Letter of Offer : Upon confirmation, you will be issued your letter of offer along with the particulars of the property you have chosen. You will also be given a receipt for the initial 10% down payment.
  6. Apply For A Loan : After you have signed your letter of offer, you may apply for a loan with your preferred bank.
  7. Execution of Sale and Purchase Agreement & Loan Agreement : You are advised to sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Loan Agreement documents upon settlement of the 10% down payment within 14 days from the date of confirmation of sale. You may also be required to pay any necessary legal fees.
  8. Progressive Payment to Bank/Developer : After signing all the necessary documents, you will be issued a progressive billing according to Schedule H of the Malaysia Housing Development Act. Progressive billing is based on respective project stages.
  9. Vacant Possesion : Upon vacant possession, EcoWorld Residence Club will become your contacting point from the day you get your keys to the moment you move into your property.
  10. The EcoWorld Residence Club : EcoWorld Residence Club provides property management and home support services, this initiative is our way of ensuring your living experience with us will remain pleasant and worry-free.

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